+1 (515) 585-6323
+1 (515) 585-6323
Years in Business
Loads Booked
Up to $12000
Gross Revenue
5 Years in Business
Up to
$12000 Gross
What We Offer
For the competitive rate of only 5%-10% of your gross revenue you will get the best customer service from a friendly and knowledgeable staff!
We take care of booking the best freight on the market, handling the paperwork, updating the brokers and resolving any issues that may arise, including requesting layover or detention, providing maintenance assistance such as calling shops in advance and arranging road calls, as well as helping with the proper management of your logs!
We have years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers behind our back!
No Financial Risk
YOU handle your own money, because we work for YOU!
Unlike many other companies, we simply send you an online invoice on a weekly basis. We DO NOT withhold any money that you earn, YOU get the money first and then you pay us!
We believe in our work and we are certain that you’ll enjoy working with us too!
24/7 Assistance
Trucking business never stops and we know it!
With CBT Hauling you can rest assured that you will be heard and assisted at any time, any day of the week.
We understand how important it is to find solutions in a timely manner and we will make sure to keep those wheels turning and making profit!
Let Us Know Who You Are
Tired of forced dispatch? Looking for a dispatch team that understands and listens to your needs? Then look no further!
We always keep our Driver to Dispatcher ratio as low as 5:1 to ensure that you won’t just be sitting there and waiting because your Dispatcher is busy with someone else.
By working with us you will get the individual approach that you deserve, because your satisfaction is our main goal and source of profit!
Maintenance And Safety Advice
Let’s be real, things happen on the road all the time!
That’s why we’re always there to help you out with anything that you might request from us!
Gotta make a road call? Need to arrange towing or call on the shops in the area to check for available parts? Leave that to us!
Got any problems filling out your logs properly and/or utilizing them for your maximum efficiency? Ask us!
100% Honesty And Transparency
We build our business on honest work and satisfied customers.
There will be NO fake promises and NO rate cuts! We work together to achieve the best result possible!
We never hide our conversations with the brokers or shippers and you will always receive the UNEDITED ratecons!
Integrity is the key to our mutual success!
Your Interests Are Our Interests
We know how frustrating it is when you get delayed by a shipper or receiver for too long. If you’re not driving, we’re losing money too!
That’s why we will do our best to either try to make the brokers speed up the process and get you loaded as per the agreement or ask for detention and layover whenever we can!
Remember, we are always on YOUR side!
Services & Pricing
Standard Operations Plan
24/7 Dispatch & Support
Booking Best Paid Loads
Processing Paperwork
Filling the carrier packets
Check calls
+ 24/7 ELD Service
+ 24/7 Maintenance Assistance
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